Sinus is an independent, owner-managed institute for market and social research, with locations in Heidelberg and Berlin. 
With ethnological curiosity, empathy, respect, scientific reliability, and, last but not least, more than 40 years of experience, SINUS explores people’s everyday realities, analyses socio-cultural change, and interprets its significance for companies and institutions.

Infalia is a spin-off company of the Information Technology Institute of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), specialized in the provision of web and mobile app solutions and tools addressing the needs of the event and the urban eco-system. Our mission is to build rich mobile apps with powerful back-end services and turn big data into awareness for our customers..

In Método we work as one company to serve our clients wherever they need us. We have many offices and a network of partners and collaborators worldwide. We form our own collective knowledge, and we make our expertise and global network available to our customers.

21st Century Educators Association is a Turkish non-governmental organization, founded by educators and volunteers in 2019, that operates especially in the field of education and training. The main aim of the association is to provide the exchange of innovative educational methods and experiences; training young people, parents, adults ,teachers and leaders committed to education; contribute to the process of transformation and improvement of the European teaching by providing professional competencies, personal skills development such as trust, responsibility and taking decisions.

As an educational institution that is independent of party politics, religious denominations, and ideologies, the Adult Education Center in the district of Cham is committed to the tradition of the Enlightenment and humanistic educational thinking. In fulfillment of its public mission and the responsibility associated with it, the Adult Education Center stands for the right to education for all groups of the population, the possibility of lifelong learning, and equality of opportunity. It provides citizens with knowledge, skills, and orientation so that they can help shape the society in which they live responsibly and successfully.

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